MtlLINK provides quality port logistics and transloading services within four kilometres of the Port de Montréal's largest container terminals.

Our services:

  • Drayage, container pre-pull and export staging
  • Onsite container inventory
  • Multi-commodity transloading services to and from truck, rail, and container
  • Flat rack stuffing and destuffing
  • Special project, oversized container and break-bulk
  • On-demand value-added services such as steel cutting, rebundling, crating, blocking and bracing (with IPPC lumber)
  • Freight management for inter-provincial transportation of cargo
  • Modern and flexible software, scanning and EDI are vital components of our advanced inventory management services
  • Our flexible working hours can meet your schedule, day or night

Our facilities:

  • Exclusive use if an on-terminal track with 3,600 feet of available space
  • 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse for indoor storage. It has four doors with direct rail access, five docks to accommodate trucks of any size, and two ground-level oversized doors
  • 400,00 sq. ft. laydown area for outdoor storage
  • Varied equipment such as reach stackers, heavy forklifts with a 30 tonne capacity, conveyors, a container tipper, tailor-made handling tools and a wide variety of standard forklifts

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